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BA Mod (Hons, Theor. Physics) Trinity College, Ireland
PhD Alberta, Canada

Professor of Physics Macquarie University
Program Manager Quantum Algorithms

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in global quantum control of quantum devices and developing quantum devices which contain different types of quantum systems (hybrid devices).

Individual quantum systems are very fragile and to be useful in quantum devices (for computation or for other purposes), they must be accurately controlled. Currently the standard approach used is that one must develop technology capable of controlling each and every individual quantum system within the device. This has proven possible for small quantum devices (8 ions), after years of very intense effort. The challenge of scaling up these control solutions to quantum devices containing hundred and perhaps millions of quantum systems seems incredibly daunting. I am interested in developing ways of controlling quantum systems where one needs only address the quantum components in a massively parallel fashion, i.e. where one gives up the ability to address individual quantum systems within the device. This method, known as global addressing, has been shown to be capable of performing universal quantum computation.

I am also interested in exploring physical models of a quantum device where one might have a number of different types of quantum systems, e.g. trapped ion next to a Nitrogen-Vacancy defect in a diamond, etc. Such hybrid systems might allow one to combine the advantages of the different types of quantum systems to explore new regions of quantum phenomena and quantum information processing.


Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Department of Physics
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109

Telephone +61 2 9850 8908 - Office & VoiceMail
Facsimile +61 2 9850 4868

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