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The Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory at Griffith University is an 80 square metre space which is temperature-controlled, vibration-damped, and optimised for low-light quantum optics experiments. The lab is equipped with a high-power (2.7 W average power) femtosecond laser and two 60 mW violet diode lasers, resting on high-performance vibration-isolated optical tables, including a state-of-the-art, actively stabilized, “SmartTable.” The laboratory is equipped with a number of single photon detectors, multiple nonlinear crystals for generating
single photon pairs, custom designed optics, and computer-controlled motion stages for setting the position of optical elements with very high precision. In 2009, additional interferometric facilities and photon detectors were added.

The Resources for Quantum Information Program operates on the Nathan Campus out of a number of academic offices and postgraduate rooms. Late-model computers are used for numerical simulations. The group members share ideas with each other and visiting scientists at formal and informal seminars and workshops held in various University venues.

Advanced optical measurement experiment at Griffith University.

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