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Media Releases

27 June 2000   Free UQ public lecture explores quantum computers
The University of Queensland
21 August 2000   Australian Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Chip
The University of New South Wales
5 October 2000   Quantum Computer Centre to be opened by Federal Minister
The University of New South Wales
22 October 2000   Breakthrough Brings Quantum Computers a "Huge Step" Closer
The University of Queensland
23 October 2000   UQ Welcomes Quantum Computer Funding Announcement
The University of Queensland
23 October 2000   $9 Million to Quantum Research Centre
Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts
24 October 2000   $9 Million for Breakthrough Work of Quantum Computer Centre
The University of New South Wales
29 November 2000  

A $9 Million Quantum Leap in Research Funding
Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts

01 January 2001   IQC01 Media Release
UNSW Engineers, Andrew Dzurak
01 January 2001   International Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum Computation (IQC01),
Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, 16-19 January 2001
15 January 2001   Quantum Computing Moves Closer
The University of New South Wales
25 September 2001   Australian Quantum Computer on the Horizon
The University of New South Wales
21 August 2002   Australian Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Chip
The University of New South Wales
23 October 2002  

UQ Welcomes Quantum Computer Funding
The University of Queensland

20 March 2003   $34.8 million for Australian brain grain.
The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson MP
21 April 2003   Centenary Medal
Prime Minister of Australia News Room
16 June 2004   Federation Fellows for 2004
Australian Research Council
16 June 2004   Government Funding Brings Top Researchers Home
Department of Education, Science and Training


Newspaper and Magazine Articles

January 2000   The Silicon Route to Quantum Computing.
Physics World, Volume 13 No 1
11 January 2000   The Quest for the Dream Machine.
The Bulletin
March 2000   Quantum Computer Centre Underway.
R&D Review
09 May 2000   Quantum Leaps.
The Bulletin
24 June 2000   Spin Doctors.
New Scientist
June/July 2000   Local Research Takes a Quantum Leap into Computing's Future.
Lab News
June/August 2000   The Next Microsoft?
Ascent Technology Magazine
22 August 2000   Scientists Claim Quantum Breakthrough.
The Australian
22 August 2000   Quantum Leap for Science.
Herald Sun
26 August 2000   Poised for a Quantum Leap.
Herald Sun
01 September 2000   University Prepares to Launch Quantum Computer.
Australia Report, Washington DC
26 September 2000   The Most Powerful Processors Will Eventually Work At The
Atomic Level.

The Courier Mail, Brisbane
06 October 2000   Australia in Quantum Race
The Australian
07 October 2000   Sunshine Coast Daily
07 October 2000   Toowoomba Chronicle
17 October 2000   Atoms Line up for Quantum Success.
The Australian
22 October 2000   $5M Computer Funding Boost.
The Age
23 October 2000   Boost in Quest for Quantum Power.
The Australian
24 October 2000   Push for Quantum Computer.
Courier Mail, Brisbane
24 October 2000   Funding Boost for Quantum.
Sydney Morning Herald
25 October 2000   Quantum Boost for Power Chip.
Financial Review
25 October 2000   Feature article in
The University of Quensland Campus Review
31 October 2000   New Centre A Quantum Leap.
Weekly Southern Courier, Brisbane
01November 2000   Pinpointing the Secrets of Quantum Computing.
Uniken, UNSW Community Magazine
05 November 2000   Quantum Leap for Computers.
The Age
07 November 2000   Quantum leap in computing.
University News, The University of Queensland
21 November 2000   A Queensland Quantum Leap.
Gold Coast Bulletin
05 December 2000   Shrinking Silicon.
The Australian
01 December 2000   The Year in Review.
Uniken, UNSW Community Magazine
01 December 2000  

Silicon Enters the Quantum-Bit Race
Physics World

31 January 2001  

Back in the Race with a Magnificent First Step.
The Australian

31 January 2001  

Scientists tipped to lead world by 2005.
The Australian

04 February 2001   Our Dream for the Nation.
Sunday Telegraph
05 February 2001  

IT Researchers Think Small to Hit the Big Time.
Sydney Morning Herald

05 February 2001   Australia's Leap of Faith.
Sydney Morning Herald
06 February 2001  

Australia's Leap of Faith.
The Age

01 May 2001   Engineering with Nature's Building Blocks
Civil Engineers Australia
04 June 2001   Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications -
Quantum Computer Technology.
UNSW Engineers
06 June 2001   Scientists win Academy Awards.
UNIKEN: UNSW Community Magazine
18 August 2001   Positioned atoms advance quantum chips.
TRN Magazine
29 August 2001   Australian Computer Revolution.
Daily Telegraph
01 September 2001   The Power of Love and Quantum Computers.
UNIKEN. UNSW Community Magazine
08 September 2001   Line 'Em Up.
If you want to build a Quantum Computer, this could be where to start.
New Scientist
25 September 2001   Quantum Race Heats Up.
The Australian IT
26 September 2001   Brain Gain: Six of the Best Lured Home.
The Australian
27 September 2001   Power in a Chip.
Herald Sun
01 October 2001   Quantum Revolution Closer.
UNIKEN. UNSW Community Magazine
02 October 2001   Chips Drive Supercomputing's Charge.
The Australian IT
09 October 2001   Quantum Leap for UNSW.
Southern Courier
01 November 2001   Top Research Awards.
UNIKEN. UNSW Community Magazine
27 November 2001   Betting on the future of chips.
The Australian IT
01 December 2001   Quantum Computing Breakthrough.
UNSW Research
11 February 2002   Uni's microprobes make quite a MARC in Europe.
UNINEWS ,The University of Melbourne
19 February 2002   Probe Unearths Mineral Secrets.
The Australian
28 February 2002   What's On.
Australian Financial Review
March Issue 2002   Quantum Computer Centre Underway.
R&D Review
March Issue 2002   Minister Commits To Indigenous Education.
Minister Nelson visit to UNSW and CQCT.
13 March 2002   Boomerang Atoms Throw Scientists
27 March 2002   Doc's Bedside Manner Works A Charm.
The Australian
28 March 2002   Quantum Uncertainty - Australia's Race To Build The Leading
Edge Computer.
Australian Financial Review
15 May 2002   A.S. Dzurak interviewed by Jeremy Roberts for a technology special. issue of The Australian Higher Education Supplement
03 October 2002   $94M Cash Injection for Research Grants in 2003.
Australian Financial Review
06 October 2002   Australia in Quantum Race
The Australian
31 October 2002   The Next Big Thing. Interview with A.S. Dzurak.
BRW Magazine
December Issue 2002   The Light Stuff.
Summer Edition: Contact - UQ Graduate Magazine
December Issue 2002   Beam Me Up.
Summer Edition: Contact - UQ Graduate Magazine
10 February 2003   Four New ARC Centers To Bring Melbourne A Share In More
Than $44 Million.
Uni News, University Of Melbourne
11 March 2003   Dual life of super speed particles.
The Australian
21 March 2003   Grants turn our drain to 'brain grain'.
The Australian
01 July 2003   Quantum Leap
The Bulliten Magazine
31 July 2003   Quantum bits and silicon chips.
NATURE (News Feature)
01 August 2003   World of Postgraduate Research Programs.
UNSW Prospectus
27 August 2003   The Chips Are Down For A Quantum Leap.
The Australian
27 August 2003   Michelle Simmons Makes A Quantum Leap.
The Australian
03 September 2003   Media Interview, with A/Prof D.N. Jamieson.
Forward Magazine
07 September 2003   It's a Brave New Nano-World of Supercomputers.
The Sun Herald
01 October 2003   Quantum-Dot Computing.
Physics World Magazine
10 November 2003   Scientists Become Endangered Species.
The Australian Finacial Review
22 November 2003   Optical Gate Kick-Starts Quantum Computer Race.
New Scientist Magazine
01 December 2003   Quantum Computing Breakthrough.
R&D Review
27 Febuary 2004   Capability & Commercial Potential.
Nanotechnology Australia
1 March 2004   Physics, The Fundamental Science.
Griffith University Physics Group
17 June 2004   Federation Fellowship.
Sydney Morning Herald
21 June 2004   Quantum Computing.
Innovation Australia
01 May 2004   Nanotechnology Service Providers
The Warren Centre
01 August 2004   Light Entanglements : Shared Quantum States Provide Secure Quantum Netoworks.
SPIE's Oemagazine
28 August 2004   Beautiful Minds.
Sydney Morning Hearald, Good Weekend
01 September 2004   Quantum Information Technologies.
UNSW@ADFA Alumni Newsletter
01 September 2004   Honours to School Members.
USYD Alumni Newsletter
12 November 2004   Editors' Choice: Highlights of the recent literature -
Applied Physics: Registering Nanostructures.
Science Magazine
13 December 2004   Research News: Marking out Atomic-Scale Devices.
Materials Today Magazine
01 February 2005   Advanced Materials.
01 February 2005   Nuclear Spies at UNSW@ADFA.
CSEMs Materials Monthly ANU
17 March 2005   Einstein's Next Quantum Leap.
Courier Mail
01 April 2005   The Race for Talking Light.
Research @UNSW Newsletter
16 April 2005   My Brilliant Idea.
Sydney Morning Hearald
01 May 2005   Diving in the deep end.
05 May 2005   Annual Report 2004-2005.
Australian Academy of Science
07 July 2005   Acoustics: The vocal tract and the sound of a didgeridoo.
Brief Communications, Nature
31 July 2005   Honouring our own Einstein - Relatively.
The Sunday Age
30 August 2005   Higher Education, Einstein's Ideas Explained.
Illawarra Mercury
19 October 2005   A leap into Quantum Computing.
Research Magazine UNSW
01November 2005   Time to Get Serious about E=mc2.
Australasian Science
06 December 2005   Twamley Taps Tiny Power.
The Australian


Electronic Media
20 January 2000   Physics Nobel Laureate to Give Free Public Lecture at UQ
UQ News Online
2 February 2000   UNSW Dominates New Research Funding
The University of New South Wales Homepage
21 February 2000   Need For Speed Fuels Quest For the Quantum Computer
21 February 2000   Need For Speed Fuels Quest For the Quantum Computer
The University of Melbourne UniNews
21 February 2000   Physicists Announce International Quantum Research Collaboration
UQ News Online
07 March 2000   Race to Break Cyber Speed Limit
IT, Fairfax
19 August 2000   Computing in Parallel Universes
Physics, About The Human Internet
23 August 2000   UNSW Heads Team Producing Quantum Computer Breakthrough
The University of New South Wales Homepage
05 October 2000   Australia Aims to Build World's First Quantum Computer
IT, Fairfax
09 October 2000   Minister Praises Revolutionary Computer Breakthrough
The University of New South Wales Homepage
23 October 2000   UQ Welcomes Quantum Computer Funding Announcement
UQ News Online
24 October 2000   Australia Takes A Quantum Leap
ZDNet Australia
24 October 2000   One Small Step For Quantum Computing
25 October 2000   Federal Govt Commits $9 Million in Funding for Quantum
Computer Work

Industry Search
01 October 2000   $9 Million For Quantum Computer
23 November 2000   UQ Researcher Co-Authors World-First Quantum
Computation Textbook

UQ News Online
28 November 2000   Why our Brave New Future is Getting Smaller and Smaller
IT, Fairfax
15 January 2001   UNSW Hosts International Quantum Computing Conference
The University Of New South Wales Homepage
30 January 2001   Researchers aim for world lead in quantum computing
IT My Career
19 February 2001   1.8 million to Melbourne for quantum computer research
The University of Melbourne UniNews On-line
05 May 2001   Oz Trouncing the US in the Race for a Quantum Computer
Sci Nanotech
07 May 2001   Team makes first quantum computer chip
United Press International
08 August 2001   Quantum Computing a Leap Closer
News In Science
03 September 2001   UNSW Researchers in the know at ScienceNOW
The University Of New South Wales Homepage
12 September 2001   Writing the textbook on quantum computing
University of Queensland News On-Line
26 September 2001   Federation Fellowships for UNSW Scientists
The University Of New South Wales Homepage
12 October 2001   ABC Science Announced Six 2001 Science Media Fellows
News In Science
23 January 2002   $1.8 Million To Melbourne For Quantum Computer Research
Uninews Online, The University Of Melbourne
02 February 2002   UNSW Dominates New Research Funding
The University of New South Wales Homepage
29 November 2002   Quantum Computing Making Tremendous Progress
New Scientist
12 December 2002   $90 Million For New Research Centres Of Excellence. Announcement
of the eight Centres of Excellence selected by the Australian
Research Council
Commonwealth Department of Education Science & Training Website
12 December 2002   UNSW At The Forefront Of Research
UNSW Website - Media, News & Events
16 December 2002   UNSW Research Excellence Rewarded
UNSW Website - Media, News & Events
20 March 2003   Federation fellowships for UNSW.
UNSW Website
21 March 2003   Research in action.
ARC Website
11 April 2003   Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Griffith University Website
26 August 2003   Plonk Your Atom Down Right Here
Science Now Website
27 August 2003   Michelle Simmons Makes A Quantum Leap.
The Australian Website
12 September 2003   Science Prizes Reward Australian Excellence
Department of Education, Science And Training Website
22 October 2003   Australia's Smart 100.
Bulliten Website
22 October 2003   Australia's Smart 100.
Sydney Morning Hearald Website
25 October 2003   Walter Boas Medal Winner.
Australian Institute of Physics Website
25 November 2003   Spooky Bits Propel Quantum Computer.
ABC - News In Science Website
01 February 2004   Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility - UNSW
Nanotechnology In Australia Website
17 June 2004   Research and Development
Invest Australia Website
01 July 2004   Nanotechnology Benchmarking Project.
Australian Academy of Science Website
21 October 2004   Australian Nanotechnology Network.
ARC Website
31 January 2005   Einstein International Year of Physics 2005 in Australia. Chaired by Prof D.N. Jamieson.
Australian Institute of Physics Website
19 April 2005   Celebrating 1905: A Famous Year for Einstein and Physics - and Almost for Melbourne's William Sutherland.
UM Website
28 April 2005   Quantum Centre Celebrates Anniversary.
UNSW Website



08 June 2000   High Technology Funding
The 7:30 Report, ABC Television
25 May 2000   Quantum Computers
Quantum, ABC Television
30 July 2003   Quantum Mechanics And Cosmology
(Dialogue Written By A/Prof D.N. Jamieson)
Medical Defence Australia, ABC Television
07 September 2003   Theories of Everything
Channel 31 - Community TV
11 December 2003   Brisbane Team Leads Ground-Breaking Project.
7:30 Report - ABC Television
25 January 2005   Interview with Prof David Jamieson about the Australian Institute of Physics Congress 2005.
04 February 2005   Interview with Prof David Jamieson during the Flowvis Exhibition at the Australian National University.
ABC Television
05 February 2005   Experts Warn of Increasing Art Fraud'
(analysing paint samples in the Department of Physics Nuclear Microprobe at The University of Melbourne with Prof David Jamieson).
7:30 Report - ABC Television



23 March 2000   General feature on Quantum Computing - A/Prof. Steven Prawer
University of Melbourne

Radio National 'Breakfast'
01 December 2000   A Quantum Leap
Professor Gerard Milburn University of Queensland -
Interview on ScI Files
(A topical Australian science program for mainstream radio replay)
14 February 2001   Robert Clark - Interview
Community Radio
22 February 2001   Robert Clark - Panel discussion
ABC Nightline
25 September 2001   Andrew Dzurak - Interview with Vanessa Williams
Following September media release
Herald Sun (Melbourne)
25 September 2001   Andrew Dzurak -Interview with Christopher Lawrence
ABC Radio Evening Show (8-8:30pm)
Radio 2BL
Statewide ABC distribution
13 October 2001   Alex Hamilton - Interviewed for "The Buzz" - UNSW's new Nanotechnology Degree Program
ABC Radio National
11 November 2001   Jeremy O'Brien - Interviewed for the award received, ABC Science Media Fellowship 2001
ABC Radio
27 August 2002   Interview with Professor Robert Clark
ABC Radio National
28 March 2004   Einstein a Go Go - David Jamieson, Invited Scientist
3RRR, Dial-A-Scientist Spot
06 July 2004   On The Boil Science Program, Interview with Prof David Jamison 3SYN-FM
01 February 2005   Interview with Prof David Jamieson on Late Night Live with
Phillip Adams.
ABC Radio National
07 May 2005   Interview with Prof Michelle Simmons & A/Prof Andrew White onQuantum Computing.
ABC Radio National
21 June 2005   Interview with Prof David Jamieson on Education Producer:
Einstein and the Quantum Computer.
ABC Radio Adelaide
22 June 2005  

Interview with Prof David Jamieson on Drive Program:
Einstein's Legacy.
ABC Radio Adelaide

10 November 2005   Interview with Prof Andrew Dzurak at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Conference.
Online Business Radio & Mediaspeak



22 September 2000   E-Australia Breakfast, Olympic Games, Sydney
Video introduced by The Prime Minister The Hon. John Howard including case study and interview with Professor Clark.
04 October 2001   Presentation on QC Research at UNSW between School of Electrical Engineering & Mahanakorn University of Technology, Thailand
22 November 2002   Centre for Quantum Computer Technology Laboratories
ARC Centres Of Excellence Selection Committee, Canberra



9-11 February 2000   Innovation Summit, Melbourne
Featured in speech by Vicki Sara, Chair of the ARC
13 September 2000   World Economic Forum, Melbourne
Featured in Senator Hon. Richard Alston's speech
23 October 2000   21st Century Innovation in Australia
Featured in an address by Senator the Hon. Richard Alston, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) at the Sydney Institute.
29 November 2000   Parliament House, Canberra
Presentation of cheque for $9M to CQCT by Senator the Hon. Richard Alston, Senator the Hon. Nick Minchin and Senator the Hon. David Kemp
2001   Book Review
Quantum computation and quantum information
Science, 292, pp 57-58




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