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The National Magnet Laboratory (NML) provides the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology with a capability for the low temperature characterisation and operation of the electronic devices fabricated in the Centre.

The laboratory, established in 1990 in the School of Physics at UNSW, is funded through a variety of sources including the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology and UNSW. This 200 m2 laboratory houses sophisticated facilities for the characterisation of semiconductor devices. Measurements of sub-nanovolt electrical signals can be made at temperatures ranging from 10 milliKelvin to room temperature, at constant magnetic fields to 16 Tesla or pulsed magnetic field to 60 Tesla. In addition to electrical measurements, optical capabilities for visible/FIR spectroscopy may be coupled to various low temperature platforms.

A wide range of low temperature measurement platforms are available to the experimenter. The NML houses three dilution refrigerators, a top-loading He-3 system, as well as several dipping stations for rapid device characterisation at 77K and 4K. For experiments requiring large magnetic fields, a pulsed magnetic field facility exists. This is contained within a specially constructed blast-proof room adjacent to the main measurement laboratory. Magnetic fields up to 60 Tesla (for 20 milliseconds) or up to 30 Tesla (for 1 second) are possible. Optical measurement systems are housed in a purpose built optics laboratory contained within the overall measurement laboratory, and will be interfaced to the above measurement platforms through fibre optic cables. The facilities include a tuneable Ti Sapphire ring laser pumped by an Argon laser, and a triple-pass high-resolution spectrometer fitted with CCD detectors.

As well as supporting projects associated with the Centre for Quantum Computer Technology, NML serves a wide community of researchers at UNSW and around Australia.





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