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Atomic Scale Fabrication and crystal growth PROGRAM: Atomic Scale Fabrication and Crystal Growth
Manager: Prof Michelle Simmons
Integrated Quantum Computer Devices PROGRAM: Integrated Quantum Computer Devices
Manager: Prof Andrew Dzurak
Quartum Measirements PROGRAM: Quantum Measurement
Manager: Prof Bob Clark
Theoretical Quantum Computation and Information PROGRAM: Theoretical Quantum Computation and Information
Manager: Prof Gerard Milburn
PROGRAM: Device Modeling
Manager: A/Prof Lloyd Hollenberg
Quantum Device Modelling Group PROGRAM: Optical Spectroscopy of Quantum Devices
Manager: Prof Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Linear Optics Quantum Computing
Manager: A/Prof Andrew White


PROGRAM: Scaleable Linear-optical Quantum Computation
Manager: A/Prof Tim Ralph
Atomic Level Manipulation and Imaging Using Scanning Probe PROGRAM: Atomic Level Manipulation and Imaging
Manager: Dr Chris Pakes
The Ion Beam Program for Quantum Computing PROGRAM: Single Ion Implantation
Manager: Prof David Jamieson
PROGRAM: Materials Research
Manager: Dr Jeff McCallum
PROGRAM: Quantum Algorithms
Manager: Prof Barry Sanders
PROGRAM: Molecular Modelling
Manager: Prof David McKenzie

Linear Optics Quantum Computation Program -
Experimental (ADFA)

Manager: Dr Elanor Huntington


Measurement and Control For Quantum Computing
Manager: Prof Howard Wiseman




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