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B.Sc. Hons, Ph.D. Queensland




Professor of Physics, Griffith University
Federation Fellow
QEII Research Fellow

Program Manager, Measurement and Control for Quantum Computing, Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Research Interests

Dynamics of open quantum systems
Quantum measurement and control theory
Quantum information and computation
Fundamental issues in quantum physics

Howard has been working in quantum measurement and control since his Honours project in 1991. In his PhD work he showed how quantum trajectory theory could be applied to the problem of quantum feedback, and this approach has become the accepted one. As a post-doc in Auckland he worked mainly on atom optics, in particular on atom lasers. Since 1996 he has held ARC research fellowships. The first at the University of Queensland was to work on adaptive measurements. The second at Griffith University is on the subject of non-Markovian quantum trajectories. This includes the so-called "realistic" quantum trajectories for non-ideal measurement devices which he introduced in 2002.
Since the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in 2003, Howard has been the program manager for the Griffith program. This has four aspects: i) modelling realistic measurements, ii) quantum feedback, iii) the quantum information-measurement interface, iv) the quantum computing-measurement interface.

Selected Publications

  1. S.D. Bartlett and H.M. Wiseman,"Entanglement constrained by superselection rules" Physical Review Letters 91, 097903 (2003).

  2. H.M. Wiseman and J.A. Vaccaro,"The entanglement of indistinguishable particles shared between two parties. "Physical Review Letters 91, 097902 (2003).

  3. W.P. Smith, J.E. Reiner, L.A. Orozco, S. Kuhr, and H.M. Wiseman, "Capture and Release of a Conditional State of a Cavity QED System by Quantum Feedback", Physical Review Letters. 89, 133601 (2002).

  4. H.M. Wiseman and J.A. Vaccaro, "Inequivalence of pure state ensembles for open quantum systems: the preferred ensembles are those that are physically realizable", Physical Review Letters 87, 240402 (2001).

  5. H.M. Wiseman and L.K. Thomsen, "Reducing the Linewidth of an Atom Laser by Feedback", Physical Review Letters 86, 1143 (2001).

  6. D.W. Berry and H.M. Wiseman, "Optimal states and almost optimal adaptive measurements for quantum interferometry", Physical Review Letters 85, 5098 (2000).

  7. H.M. Wiseman, "In-loop squeezing is like real squeezing to an in-loop atom", Physical Review Letters 81, 3840 (1998).

  8. H. Mabuchi and H.M. Wiseman,
    "Retroactive quantum jumps in a strongly-coupled atom-field system", Physical Review Letters 81, 4620 (1998).

  9. H.M. Wiseman "Adaptive phase measurements of optical modes: Going beyond the marginal Q distribution",
    Physical Review Letters 75, 4587 (1995).

  10. H.M. Wiseman and F. Harrison, "Uncertainty over complementarity?" (Scientific Correspondence),
    Nature 377, 584 (1995).


Contact details

Mailing Address

School of Science
Griffith University
Nathan QLD 4111

Telephone +61 7 3875-7271 - Office & VoiceMail
Facsimile +61 7 3875-7656





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