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BSc (Hons I) University of Queensland
PhD Australian National University





Professor University of Queensland
Program Manager Linear Optics Quantum Computation - Experimental,
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Research Interests

In recent years there has been remarkable experimental and
theoretical progress in the field of quantum information, which promises unprecedented capabilities in communication and computation. Quantum optics provides a succinct and timely testbed for exploring conceptual and technological issues in quantum information.

Within the broad areas of quantum information and quantum optics, my key research interests include: Production, characterisation and utilisation of arbitrary optical entangled states; effect of decoherence; quantum computation; quantum communication; tests of quantum mechanics; "interaction-free" measurements; quantum erasers. For details, visit www.quantinfo.org


Select Papers

  1. J.L. O'Brien, G.J. Pryde, A.G. White, T.C. Ralph and D. Branning, "Demonstration of an all-optical quantum control-NOT gate", Nature 426, 264 (2003).

  2. G.J. Pryde, J.L. O'Brien, A.G. White and S.D. Bartlett, "Demonstrating superior discrimination of locally prepared states using nonlocal measurements", Physical Review Letters 94, 220406 (2005).

  3. J.B. Altepeter, D. Branning, E. Jeffrey, T.C. Wei, P.G. Kwiat,
    R.T. Thew, J.L. O'Brien, M.A. Nielsen, and A.G. White,"Ancilla-assisted quantum process tomography",
    Physical Review Letters 90, 193601 (2003).

  4. R.T. Thew, K. Nemoto, A.G. White, and W.J. Munro, "Qudit quantum-state tomography", Physical Review A 66, 012303 (2002).

  5. T.C. Ralph, N.K. Langford, T.B. Bell and A.G. White, " Linear optical controlled-NOT gate in the coincidence basis", Physical Review A 65, 062324 (2002).

  6. A.G. White, P.G. Kwiat, W.J. Munro, and D.F.V. James,"Exploring Hilbert Space: synthesising a range of quantum states" Physical Review A 65, 012301 (2001).

  7. D.F.V. James, P.G. Kwiat, W.J. Munro, and A.G. White, "Measurement of qubits", Physical Review A 64, 052312 (2001).

  8. P.G. Kwiat, A.J. Berglund, J.B. Altepeter, and A.G. White, "Experimental verification of decoherence-free subspaces", Science, 290, 498 (2000).

  9. P.G. Kwiat, J.R. Mitchell, P.D.D. Schwindt, and A.G. White, "Grover's search algorithm: An optical approach", Journal of Modern Optics, 47, 257 (2000).

  10. A.G. White, D.F.V. James, P.H. Eberhard and P.G. Kwiat, "Non-maximally entangled states: production, characterisation and utilisation",Physical Review Letters, 83, 3103 (1999).

  11. P.G. Kwiat, E. Waks, A.G. White, I. Appelbaum, and P.H. Eberhard, "Ultra-bright source of polarization-entangled photons", Physical Review A, 60, R773 (1999).

  12. P.G. Kwiat, A.G. White and P. Eberhard, "Polarization-Entangled Photons: The Next Generation", Optics and Photonics News, December, page 39 (1999).


Contact details

Mailing Address

Department of Physics,
University of Queensland,
Brisbane, QLD 4072

URL http://www.quantinfo.org
Telephone +61 7 3365 7902 - Office and voicemail
+61 7 3365 3415 - Laboratory
Facsimile +61 7 3365 1242





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