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BSc Calgary, PhD London




iCORE Professor of Quantum Information Science
The University of Calgary
Program Manager Quantum Algorithms,
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Research Interests

Main research areas: (a) Quantum physics, emphasizing quantum information science and quantum optics, and (b) radiators in photonic crystals.

For area (a), the main projects are (i) assessing the resources and requirements for quantum information protocols, processes for generating and consuming the resources, and interrelationships between these resources and (ii) designing and implementing feasible quantum information protocols.

Area (b) involves collaboration with engineers to exploit the electromagnetic bandgap of photonic crystals for designing advanced antennas.

Selected Publications

  1. D.W. Berry and B.C. Sanders, "Relations for classical communication capacity and entanglement capability of two-qubit operations", Physical Review A 67, 040302 (2003).

  2. D.W. Berry and B.C. Sanders, "Optimal remote state preparation",
    Physical Review Letters 90, 057901 (2003).

  3. S.D. Bartlett and B.C. Sanders, "Efficient classical simulation of optical quantum information circuits", Physical Review Letters 89, 207903 (2002).

  4. T.D. Mackay, S.D. Bartlett, L.T. Stephenson and B.C. Sanders,
    "Quantum walks in higher dimensions", Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 35, 2745 (2002).

  5. T. Tyc and B.C. Sanders, "Continuous-variable quantum secret sharing by optical interferometry", Physical Review A 65, 042310 (2002).

  6. S.D. Bartlett, B.C. Sanders, S.L. Braunstein and K. Nemoto, "Efficient classical simulation of continuous variable quantum information processes", Physical Review Letters 88, 097904 (2002).

  7. T. Rudolph and B.C. Sanders, "Requirement of optical coherence for continuous-variable quantum teleportation", Physical Review Letters 87, 077903 (2001).

  8. B.C. Sanders, H. de Guise, S. D. Bartlett and Weiping Zhang, "Geometric phase of three-level systems in interferometry",
    Physical Review Letters 86(3), 369-372 (2001).

  9. K. Busch, N. Vats, S. John and B.C. Sanders, "Radiating dipoles in photonic crystals", Physical Review E 62, 4251 (2000).

  10. G. Brassard, N. Lütkenhaus, T. Mor and B.C. Sanders, "Limitations on Practical Quantum Cryptography", Physical Review Letters 85, 1330 (2000).


Contact details

Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
C/- Kali Madden
CoE Administrator
Department of Physics
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109

Telephone +61 2 9850 8931
Facsimile +61 2 9850 8115





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