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BSc (Hons), Macquarie University, Sydney
PhD Australian National University, Canberra





Associate Professor of Physics The University of Queensland
Centre Node Manager
Program Manager Linear Optics Quantum Computation - Theory
QEII Fellow

Research Interests

Tim has extensive experience in quantum optics as well as optical implementations of quantum information techniques. Tim had postdoctoral experience at the Australian National University and the University of Auckland before going to the University of Queensland in 1999. He took up a QEII Research Fellowship there the following year. Tim's research involves both purely theoretical investigations and close collaborations with experimental groups.

In his role as a Queensland Node Manager within the Centre, Tim oversees the experimental and theoretical program in Quantum Optics at the University of Queensland and UNSW@ADFA and the theoretical Quantum Control and Measurement program at Griffith University. Tim is also Program Manager for the Linear Optics Quantum Computation Theory Program that was established in late 2000, and seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of quantum computational gates based on linear optics, single photon sources and electro-optic feedforward techniques.

Select Publications

  1. J.L. O'Brien, G.J. Pryde, A.G. White, T.C. Ralph and D. Branning, "Demonstration of an all-optical quantum control-NOT gate", Nature 426, 264 (2003). Paper

  2. T.C. Ralph and P.K.Lam, "Teleportation with Bright Squeezed Light", Physical Review Letters 81, 5668 (1998). Paper

  3. G.J. Pryde, J.L. O'Brien, A.G. White, S.D. Bartlett and T.C. Ralph, "Measuring a photonic qubit without destroying it", Physical Review Letters, 92, 190402 (2004). Paper

  4. W.P.Bowen, R.Schnabel, P.K.Lam, T.C. Ralph, "An Experimental Investigation of Criteria for Continuous Variable Entanglement", Physical Review Letters 90, 043601 (2003). Paper

  5. C. Silberhorn, T.C. Ralph, N. Lutkenhaus and G. Leuchs, "Continuous Variable Key Distribution - Beating the 3 dB loss limit", Physical Review Letters 89, 167901 (2002). Paper

  6. T.C. Ralph, W.J.Munro and R.E.S.Polkinghorne, "Proposal for the Measurement of Bell-like Correlations from Continuous Variables", Physical Review Letters 85, 2035 (2000). Paper

  7. T.C. Ralph, "Continuous Variable Quantum Cryptography", Physical Review A, Rapid Communications 61, 010303 (2000). Paper

  8. R.E.S.Polkinghorne and T.C. Ralph, "Continuous Variable Entanglement Swapping", Physical Review Letters 83, 2095 (1999). Paper

  9. J.L O'Brien, G.J. Pryde, A. Gilchrist, D.F.V James, N.K Langford,
    T.C Ralph
    and A.G White, "Quantum process tomography of a controlled-NOT gate", Physical Review Letters 93, 080502 (2004). Paper

  10. P.K.Lam, T.C.Ralph, E.H.Huntington and H-A Bachor, "Noiseless Signal Amplification using Positive Electro-Optic Feedforward" Physical Review Letters 79, 1471 (1997). Paper


Contact details

Mailing Address

Department of Physics
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, 4072


Telephone +61 7 3346 9693 - Office & VoiceMail
Facsimile +61 7 3365 1242





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