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BSc Physics (Hons) University of Queensland
PhD Australian National University

A/Professor of Physics Griffith University
Program Manager Optical Quantum Information

Geoff has substantial research experience in the areas of experimental quantum optics and quantum information, and coherent dynamics of ions in solids. He demonstrated one of the first all-optical controlled-NOT gates, and has extended his quantum optics research to numerous quantum information and quantum measurement problems. After postdoctoral and research fellowship positions at Montana State University and the University of Queensland, Geoff joined Griffith
niversity at the beginning of 2006, where he established the Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory. He is investigating optical resources for quantum information processing, quantum control and other quantum technologies. Geoff founded the Optical Quantum Information program at the end of 2005. The research is primarily concerned with implementing novel quantum optical measurements, and investigating the interface between photonic qubits and continuous optical quantum systems, with the overall goal of demonstrating and quantifying new resources for quantum information processing and related quantum technologies.

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  10. G. J. Pryde, M. J. Sellars and N. B. Manson, "Solid state coherent transient measurements using hard optical pulses," Physical Review Letters 84, 1152(2000).

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Mailing Address

School of Science
Griffith University

Email [email protected]
Telephone +61 7 3735 7894
Facsimile +61 7 3735 7656


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