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BSc Physics (Hons) University of Queensland
PhD Australian National University










Research Fellow Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Physics, UQ

Current Areas Interests

My research is primarily concerned with the quantum nature of things - exploring the quantum world, and understanding quantum physics to make it useful for new technologies. I work in the fields of quantum information, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum measurement, quantum control, and coherent control of semiclassical systems.

Recent experiments at the University of Queensland have involved all-optical quantum information protocols. In particular, I have demonstrated a controlled-NOT gate for quantum computing. This gate has been characterized using quantum process tomography to map out its operation, and works with > 90% fidelity. Other experiments include the construction and characterization of a device to perform quantum nondemolition (QND) measurements on a qubit. This QND measurement can be varied in strength to perform weak measurements, which are useful for investigating complementarity and understanding the nature of measurement in quantum mechanics. I have students who are working on optical cluster state quantum computation, highly entangled states and manipulating and harnessing quantum information, including qudits, stored in the transverse spatial mode of the photon.

I also have an interest in quantum control, quantum measurement in general, and the connection between the two. With some collaborators, I recently received an Australian Research Council grant to work on this topic. Other small projects going on the background include the study of number-entangled states for metrology, and the manufacture and use of qudits in a variety of optical encodings.

Previously, I have worked on coherent optical control of the quantum state of ensembles of ions in a solid matrix, and the ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy of these systems. This includes the phase-dependent study of decoherence of ionic transitions during optical driving, translation of coherent, phase-sensitive, multiple-pulse techniques from NMR to optical spectroscopy of solids, the engineering of absorption lines to ~25 kHz in solids, laser stabilization to ~1 part in 1013 using high finesse cavities and narrow spectral features in solids, and understanding the dynamics of spectral hole burning frequency references.

Select Publications

  1. J.L O'Brien, G.J Pryde, A. Gilchrist, D.F.V James, N.K Langford, T.C Ralph and A.G White, "Quantum process tomography of a controlled-NOT gate", Physical Review Letters 93, 080502 (2004). Paper

  2. N.K. Langford, R.B. Dalton, M.D. Harvey, J.L. O'Brien, G.J. Pryde, A. Gilchrist, S.D. Bartlett and A.G. White, " Measuring entangled qutrits and their use for quantum bit commitment " Physical Review Letters 93, 053601 (2004). Paper

  3. G.J. Pryde, J.L. O'Brien, A.G. White, S.D. Bartlett and T.C. Ralph, "Measuring a photonic qubit without destroying it", Physical Review Letters, 92, 190402 (2004). Paper

  4. G.J. Pryde, M.J. Sellars and N.B. Manson, "Phase-dependent decoherence of optical transitions in Pr3+:LaF3 in the presence of a driving field," Physical Review B 69, 075107 (2004). Paper

  5. J.L. O'Brien, G.J. Pryde, A.G. White, T.C. Ralph and D. Branning, "Demonstration of an all-optical quantum control-NOT gate", Nature 426, 264 (2003). Paper

  6. G.J. Pryde and A.G.White, "Creation of maximally entangled photon-number states using optical fiber mltiports" Physical Review A 68, 052315 (2003). Paper

  7. T. Böttger, G.J. Pryde and R.L. Cone, "Programmable sub-kHz laser frequency stabilization at 1523 nm using persistent spectral holeburning," Optics Letters 28, 200 (2003).

  8. G. J. Pryde, T. Böttger, R. L. Cone, and R. C. C. Ward, "Semiconductor lasers stabilized to spectral holes in rare earth crystals to a part in 1013 and their application to devices and spectroscopy," Journal of Luminescence 98, 309 (2002).

  9. G. J. Pryde, T. Böttger and R. L. Cone, "Numerical modeling of laser stabilization by regenerative spectral hole burning," Journal of Luminescence 94, 587 (2001).

  10. T. Böttger, Y. Sun, G. J. Pryde, G. Reinemer, and R. L. Cone, "Diode laser frequency stabilization to transient spectral holes and spectral diffusion in Er3+:Y2SiO5 at 1536 nm," Journal of Luminescence 94, 565 (2001).


Contact details

Mailing Address

Department of Physics,
University of Queensland,
Brisbane, QLD 4072

URL http://www.quantinfo.org
Telephone +61 7 3365 1026 - Office and voicemail
+61 7 3365 3415 - Laboratory
Facsimile +61 7 3365 1242





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