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BSc (Hons), PhD Monash University, DSc University of Melbourne





Professor and Reader of Physics University of Melbourne
Deputy Director Microanalytical Research Centre, UM
Program Manager Hybrid Optical-Solid State Quantum Computing, Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Research Interests

My interests are in the physics of materials. Materials have been the enabling technology for many revolutions in the history of the world. Witness the impact of metals, plastics, and most recently silicon and consider how our lives have been changed by our ability to make, fashion, and transform materials for specific applications. My specific interest lies in the development of new electronic materials capable of operating in harsh, corrosive environments, and materials suitable for very bright flat panel displays (such as those used in lap-tops). Such materials include diamond and the newly developed galium nitride which is the basis of blue lasers.

A natural outgrowth of this interest in materials is the challenge to construct a quantum computer based on the controlled placement of single P atoms in a silicon matrix, and the development of techniques to image these nanostructures using scanning probe microscopies and other techniques.

My key research interests include

  • Fabrication of quantum computer architectures using ion implantation techniques.
  • Interaction of ion beams with materials studied at the atomic level using scanning probe microscopies.
  • Synthesis, characterization and modification of carbon allotropes, including diamond.
  • Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanostructures via ion implantation.
  • UV Raman Microscopy and near field microscopy.
  • UHV Scanning Probe Microscopy of Advanced Materials.
  • Fabrication of materials using pulsed laser deposition techniques.

Select publications
(NB over 150 refereeed publications in total)

  1. Structural Investigation of Xenon Ion Beam Irradiated Glassy Carbon.
    McCulloch, P.G., Prawer, S. and Hoffman, A.
    Phys. Rev. B. 50
    : 5905-5917 (1994).

  2. The ion beam induced transformation of diamond.
    Prawer, S. and Kalish, R.
    Phys. Rev. B51: 15711-15722 (1995).

  3. Ion beam modification of Buckminsterfullerene.
    Prawer, S., Nugent, K.W., Biggs, S., McCulloch, D., Leong, W.H., Hoffman, A. and Kalish, R.
    Phys. Rev. B52: 841-849 (1995).

  4. Polarization dependence of the Raman spectra of CVD diamond films.
    Prawer, S., Nugent, K.W., and Weiser, P.S.
    Applied Physics Letters 65: 2248-2250 (1994)..

  5. "Formation of Buried P-Type Conducting Layers in Diamond",
    Walker, R. Prawer, S., Jamieson, D.N., Nugent, K.W., and Kalish, R.,
    Applied Physics Letters, 71, 1492-1494,. (1997)..

  6. The Raman Spectrum of Amoprhous sp3 bonded carbon,
    Prawer, S., Jamieson, D.N., and Nugent, KW.
    Diamond and Related Materials, 7, 106-110, (1998).

  7. "Ion Implantation of Diamond and Diamond Films",
    Kalish R. and Prawer S.
    in Industrial Handbook for Diamond and Diamond Films: edited by M.A. Prelas, G. Popovici, and L.K. Bigelow, Marcel Dekker, New York, (1998), 945-981. .

  8. "Formation of Delta Doped Buried Conducting Layers in Diamond by High Energy B Ion Implantation",
    Uzan-Saguy,C., Kalish, R., Walker, R., Jamieson, D.N., and Prawer, S.,
    Diamond and Related Materials, 7, 1429-1432, (1998)..

  9. "Electrical Isolation of GaN by ion implantation Damage: Experiment and Model",
    Uzan-Saguy, C., Salzman, J., Kalish, R., Richter, V., Tish, U., Zamir, S., and Prawer, S.,
    Applied Physics Letters 74(17):2441-2443, (1999).

  10. "Thermal Stability and Relaxation in DLC; A Raman study of Films with different sp3 fractions (ta-C to a-C)",
    Kalish, R., Lifshitz, Y., Nugent K., and Prawer, S.,
    Applied Physics Letters, 74(20):2936-2938, (1999).

  11. "Raman Investigation of the Nature of Damage Caused by Deep Ion Implantation in Diamond"
    Orwa, J., Jamieson, D.N, Nugent, K.W., and Prawer, S.,
    Phys. Rev B. 62, 5461-5472, (2000).

  12. Field Emission fromBoron Doped polycrystalline diamond film at the nanometre level within grains,
    Andrienko, I., Cimmino, A., Hoxley, D., Prawer, S., Kalish, R.,
    Applied Physics Letters, 77, 1221, (2000).

  13. The size dependence of structural stability in Nanocrystalline Diamond,
    Prawer, S., Peng, J.L, Jamieson, D.N, McCallum, J., and Bursill, L.A,
    Phys. Rev. B-rapid communications, 62(4), Dec 15, (2000).


Contact details

Mailing Address

School of Physics
University of Melbourne,
Parkville, Vic, 3052

Telephone +61 3 8344 5460 Office & VoiceMail
Facsimile +61 2 9347 4783





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