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BSc (Hons), PhD Birmingham, UK





Program Manager Atomic Level Manipulation and Imaging
ARC Centre Research Fellow
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Research Fellow
University of Melbourne

Research Interests

Study of the electrical properties of low-dimensional and nanoscale systems using probe microscopy, low temperature measurement, electron surface spectroscopy and Technology Computer Aided Design modelling. Interests cover a broad range of experimental condensed matter physics, including semiconductor surface science in silicon and diamond, superconducting devices and soft matter, such as polymers and proteins.

Previous Experience

Research Scientist, then Senior Research Scientist (1998-2000)
Fundamental Measurements Group, National Physical Laboratory, UK.

Selected Publications

  1. J.Y. Sze, C.I. Pakes, B.K. Tay, D.N. Jamieson, and S. Prawer, "Conducting Ni nanoparticles in an ion-modified polymer", Applied Physics Letters (2005). In Print

  2. V. Millar, C.I. Pakes, S. Prawer, B. Rout and D.N. Jamieson, "Thin-film resists for registration of single ion impacts", Nanotechnology 16, 823 (2005). Paper

  3. D.N. Jamieson, C. Yang, T. Hopf, S.M. Hearne, C.I. Pakes, S. Prawer, M. Mitic, E. Gauja, S.E. Andresen, F.E. Hudson, A.S. Dzurak, and R.G. Clark. "Controlled shallow single-ion implantation in silicon using an active substrate for sub-20-keV ions", Applied Physics Letters, 86, 202101 (2005). Paper

  4. C.I. Pakes, S. Ramelow, S. Prawer and D.N. Jamieson, "Nanoscale electrical characterization of trap-assisted quasi-breakdown fluctuations in SiO2", Applied Physics Letters 84, 3142 (2004). Paper

  5. L.C.L. Hollenberg, C.J. Wellard, C.I. Pakes and A.G. Fowler, "Single-spin readout for buried dopant semiconductor qubits", Physical Review B 69, 233301 (2004). Paper

  6. L.M. Kettle, H.-S. Goan, S.C. Smith, L.C.L. Hollenberg, C.I. Pakes, and C. Wellard, "A numerical study of hydrogenic effective mass theory for an impurity P donor in Si in the presence of an electric field and interfaces", Physical Review B 68, 075317 (2003). Paper

  7. C.I. Pakes, V. Conrad, J.C. Ang, F. Green, A.S. Dzurak, L.C.L. Hollenberg, D.N. Jamieson and R.G. Clark "Modelling single-electron-transistor-based readout in the Kane solid-state quantum computer", Nanotechnology 14, 161 (2003). Paper

  8. P.L. Elliott, C.I. Pakes, L. Skrbek and W.F. Vinen, "Capillary-wave crystallography: Crystallization of two-dimensional sheets of He+ ions", Physical Review B 61, 1396 (2000). Paper

  9. G.F. Cox, P.L. Elliott, S.S. Nazin, C.I. Pakes, L. Skrbek and W.F. Vinen, "Magnetoplasmons in two-dimensional circular sheets of 4He+ ions", Physical Review B 56, 3447 (1997). Paper

  10. P.L. Elliott, C.I. Pakes, L. Skrbek and W.F. Vinen, "Novel edge magnetoplasmons in a two-dimensional sheet of 4He+ ions", Physical Review letters 75, 3713 (1995). Paper


Contact details

Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology and Microanalytical Research Centre,
School of Physics,
University of Melbourne,
Victoria 3010,

Telephone +61 3 8344 3840
Facsimile +61 3 9347 4783





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