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BSc EE, Politecnico di Torino, Italy (1998)
PhD Leiden University, The Netherlands (2004)

Program Manager Quantum Measurement & Control Chip
University of New South Wales

Research Interests

Andrea is a condensed-matter physicist and an electrical engineer, with a long standing interest in the quantum dynamics of spins in nanostructures. He started his career at the Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory, investigating the magnetic phase diagram of high-Tc superconductors. He then moved to the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, where he did some pioneering work on the dynamics of the nuclear spin bath in quantum nanomagnets. The implications of that work for the more general problem of decoherence in large quantum systems have brought him in contact with the quantum computing community, where minimizing decoherence is an essential requirement. He then spent two years at the University of British Columbia, working on the coherent tunneling of large molecular spins. In 2006, Andrea joined CQCT to apply his expertise in coherent spin control to the realization of a donor-based spin qubit in silicon.

Andrea is now the manager of the Quantum Measurement and Control Chip program. His research effort is entirely dedicated to the achievement of coherent control and readout of the spin of an individual dopant atom in silicon, which represents the main step towards a scalable silicon-based quantum computer. To this end, he employs and develops the most advanced low-temperature, high-frequency and high-field research facilities, hosted in the National Magnet Laboratory at UNSW. He also tightly collaborates with A. Dzurak for the fabrication of nanostructures (single-electron transistors,  quantum dots,  PIN detectors, …), with D. Jamieson and J. McCallum for  single-ion implantation and materials characterization, and with L. Hollenberg for device modeling. Part of the project also involves T. Lehmann for the design of classical microelectronic circuits to interface the quantum hardware.

Select Recent Publications

  1. Z. Salman, K.H. Chow, R.I. Miller, A. Morello, T.J. Parolin, M.D. Hossain, T.A. Keeler, C.D. P. Levy, W.A. MacFarlane, G.D. Morris, H. Saadaoui, D. Wang, R. Sessoli, G.G. Condorelli, and R.F. Kiefl, “Local magnetic properties of a monolayer of Mn12 single-molecule magnets”, accepted for Nano Letters (2007).

  2. A. Morello, P.C.E. Stamp, I.S. Tupitsyn, “Pair-wise Decoherence in coupled spin qubit networks”, Physical Review Letters 97, 206207 (2006).

  3. A. Morello, F.L. Mettes, O.N. Bakharev, H.B. Brom, L.J. de Jongh, F. Luis, J.F. Fernandez, G. Aromi, “Magnetic dipolar ordering and relaxation in the high-spin molecular cluster compound Mn6”, Physical Review B 73, 134406 (2006).

  4. A. Morello, W.G.J. Angenent, G. Frossati, L.J. de Jongh, “An automated and versatile SQUID magnetometer for the measurement of materials properties at millikelvin temperatures”, Review Science Instruments 76, 023902 (2005).

  5. A. Morello, O.N. Bakharev, H.B. Brom, R. Sessoli, L.J. de Jongh, “Nuclear spin dynamics in the quantum regime of a single-molecule magnet”, Physical Review Letters 93, 197202 (2004).

  6. A. Morello, “Quantum spin dynamics in single-molecule magnets”, cond-mat/0404049 (2004).

  7. A. Morello, O.N. Bakharev, H.B. Brom, L.J. de Jongh, “Quantum tunneling of magnetization in Mn12-ac studied by 55 Mn NMR”, Polyhedron 22, 1745 (2003).

  8. A. Morello, F.L. Mettes, F. Luis, J.F. Fernández, J. Krzystek, G. Aromí, G. Christou, L.J. de Jongh, “Long-range ferromagnetic dipolar ordering of high-spin molecular clusters”, Physical Review Letters 90, 017206 (2003).

  9. A. Morello, A.G.M. Jansen, R.S. Gonnelli, S.I. Vedeneev, “Irreversibility line of overdoped Bi2Sr2CuO6 at ultralow temperatures and high magnetic fields”, Physical Review B 61, 9113 (2000).
Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Dr Andrea Morello
Level 2, Newton Building
The University of New South Wales


Email [email protected]
Telephone +61 2 9385 4972 - Office
Facsimile +61 2 9385 6138

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