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BSc Griffith, PhD Waikato





Professor The University of Queensland.
Deputy Director Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Program Manager Quantum Information Theory
Federation Fellow Australian Government


Research Interests

My primary research interests are: theory of quantum optics and quantum control theory, quantum information and quantum computation, atom optics and quantum chaos. Most recently I have undertaken a study of quantum noise and measurement in quantum electromehcanical systems using quantum open systems theory. A new program in relativistc quantum information theory was initiated in 2002.


Select publications

  1. E.Knill, L. Laflamme and G.J.Milburn, "Efficient linear optics quantum computation", Nature 409, 46 (2001).

  2. Hsi-Sheng Goan, G.J. Milburn, "Dynamics of a mesoscopic qubit under continuous quantum measurement", Physical Review B 64, 235307, (2001).

  3. W.K. Hensinger, H. Häffner, A. Browaeys, N.R. Heckenberg, K. Helmerson, C. McKenzie, G.J. Milburn, W.D. Phillips, S.L. Rolston, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop, and B. Upcroft, "Dynamical tunnelling of ultra-cold atoms",Nature, 412, 52 - 55 (2001).

  4. S. Schneider, G.J. Milburn, "Entanglement in collective angular momentum model", Physical Review A 65 42107, (2002).

  5. P.M. Alsing, G.J. Milburn,"Lorentz Invariance of Entanglement" , Quantum Information and Computation, 2, 487, (2002).

  6. A.P. Hines, R.H. McKenzie, G.J. Milburn,"Entanglement of two-mode Bose-Einstein condensates"Physical Review A, 67, 013609 (2003).

  7. T.C. Ralph, A. Gilchrist, G.J. Milburn, W.J. Munro, S. Glancy, "Quantum computation with optical coherent states", Physical Review A 68, 042319 (2003).

  8. J.P. Dowling, G.J. Milburn, "Quantum Technology: The Second Quantum Revolution",Proceedings of the Royal Society, (2003).

  9. T.M. Stace, G.J. Milburn, C.H.W. Barnes, "An entangled two photon source using biexciton emission of an asymmetric quantum dot in a cavity", Physical Review B 67, 085317 (2003).

  10. C. Ahn, H.W. Wiseman, G.J. Milburn, "Quantum error correction for continuously detected errors", Physical Review A 67, 052310 (2003).

Contact details

Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072


Telephone +61 7 33651089
Facsimile +61 7 33461214





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