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B.Sc. Honours, PhD University of New South Wales




Professor Materials Physics, School of Physics, University of Sydney
Program Manager
Molecular Dynamics Simulation,
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology.

Research Interests

David mages the molecular dynamics simulation program. In this program, simulations of atomic and electronic structure using density functional theory are used to aid the interpretation of atomic force microscope images of surfaces at various stages in the construction of the buried phosphorus qubit. In addition, the top down and bottom up strategies are simulated using dynamical methods. The simulations are used by experimental collaborators to assist in refining the procedures used to place phosphorus atoms.


Select Publications

  1. D.R McKenzie, D. Muller, B.A .Pailthorpe "Compressive-Stress-Induced Formation Of Thin-Film Tetrahedral Amorphous-Carbon", Physical Review Letters 67, 773 (1991).

  2. S.D. Berger, D.R. McKenzie, M.J. Eels, "Analysis Of Vacuum Arc-Deposited Diamond-Like Films", Philosophical Magazine Letters 57, 285 (1988).

  3. D.R. McKenzie, W.D. McFall, W.G. Sainty, C.A. Davis, R.E. Collins, "Compressive Stress-Induced Formation Of Cubic Boron-Nitride. Diamond And Related Materials" 2, 970 (1993).

  4. D.R. McKenzie, C.A. Davis, D.J.H. Cockayne, Muller DA, Vassallo AM, "The Structure Of The C70 Molecule". Nature 355, 622 (1992)

  5. D.R. McKenzie, "Properties And Structure Of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon", Philosophical Magazine B 48, 341 (1983).

  6. P.H. Gaskell, A. Saeed, P. Chieux, D.R. McKenzie, "Neutron-Scattering Studies Of The Structure Of Highly Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon", Physical Review Letters 67, 1286 (1991).

  7. D.R. McKenzie, "Tetrahedral Bonding In Amorphous Carbon", Reports On Progress In Physics 59, 1611 (1996).

  8. D.R. McKenzie, Yin Y, Marks NA, Davis CA, Pailthorpe BA, Amaratunga GAJ, Veerasamy VS, "Hydroen-Free Amorphous-Carbon Preparation And Properties", Diamond And Related Materials 3, 353 (1994).

  9. N.A. Marks, D.R. McKenzie, B.A. Pailthorpe, M. Bernasconi, M. Parrinello, "Microscopic Structure Of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon", Physical Review Letters 76, 768 (1996).

  10. A.R. Parker, R.C. McPhedran, D.R. McKenzie, L.C. Botten, N.A.P. Nicorovici, "Photonic Engineering - Aphrodite's Iridescence", Nature 409, 36 (2001).

Contact details

Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
School of Physics, A28
The University of Sydney
Sydney NSW 2006


Telephone +61 2 9351 3577
Facsimile +61 2 9351 7725





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