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BSc Leeds, UK (1997)
PhD Leeds, UK (2000)

Senior Research Fellow Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

Research Interests

Fay has published 22 peer-reviewed research publications. She is an experimental research fellow in the Intergrated Quantum Computer Devices Program, entailing the design, fabrication and measurement of devices towards the goal of charge and spin qubits. Her areas of expertise are in electron beam lithography, top-down fabrication and characterisation as well as low-temperature measurements.

Selected publications

  1. F.E. Hudson, A.J. Ferguson, C.C. Escott, C. Yang, D.N. Jamieson, R.G. Clark and A.S. Dzurak, "Gate-controlled charge transfer in Si:P double quantum dots", Nanotechnology 19, 195402 (2008). Abstract & Front Cover

  2. C.C. Escott, F.E. Hudson, V.C. Chan,  K.D. Petersson, R.G. Clark, A.S. Dzurak, Scaling of ion implanted Si:P single electron devices, Nanotechnology 18, 235401 (2007).

  3. A.J. Ferguson, N.A. Court, F.E. Hudson, R.G. Clark, Microsecond resolution of quasiparticle tunneling in the single-Cooper-pair-transistor, Physical Review Letters 97 106603 (2006).

  4. F.E. Hudson, A.J. Feguson, C. Yang, D. N. Jamieson, A.S. Dzurak and R.G.Clark "Coulomb blockade in a nanoscale phosphorus-in-silicon island", Microelectronic Engineering, 83, 1809 (2006).

  5. T.M. Buehler, V. Chan, A.J. Ferguson, A.S. Dzurak,
    F.E. Hudson, D.J. Reilly, A.R. Hamilton, R.G. Clark, D.N. Jamieson, C. Yang, C.I. Pakes and S. Prawer, "Controlled single electron transfer between Si:P dots", Applied Physics Letters 86, 192101 (2006).

  6. D.N. Jamieson, C. Yang, T. Hopf, S.M. Hearne, C.I Pakes, S. Prawer, M. Mitic, E. Gauja, S.E. Andresen,
    F.E. Hudson, A.S. Dzurak, and R.G. Clark "Controlled shallow single-ion implantation in silicon using an active substrate for sub-20-keV ions", Applied Physics Letters 86, 202101 (2005).

  7. R.G. Clark, R. Brenner, T.M. Buehler, V. Chan, N.J. Curson, A.S. Dzurak, E. Gauja, H-S. Goan, A.D. Greentree, T. Hallam, A.R. Hamilton, L.C.L. Hollenberg, D.N. Jamieson, J.C. McCallum, G.J. Milburn, J.L. O'Brien, L. Oberbeck, C.I. Pakes, S. Prawer, D.J. Reilly, F.J. Ruess, S.R. Schofield, M.Y. Simmons, F.E. Stanley, R.P. Starrett, C. Wellard and C. Yang "Progress in silicon-based quantum computing", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A 361, 1451 (2003).

  8. C.H. Marrows, G.L. Creeth, F.E. Stanley, B.J. Hickey, P.R. Aitchison, M. Crawford, J.N. Chapman, "Micromagnetic disorder in antiparallel biased spin valves", Applied Physical Letters 79, 4384 (2001).

  9. F.E. Stanley, M. Perez, C.H. Marrows, B.J. Hickey, S. Langridge, "Inverse giant magnetoresistance effects in rare earth / transition metal multilayers", Euro Physical Letters 49, 528 (2000).

  10. C.H. Marrows, F.E. Stanley, B.J. Hickey, "Canted exchange bias in antiparallel biased spin valves", Journal of Applied Physics 87, 5058 (2000).


Mailing Address

Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
Dr Fay Hudson (née Stanley)
Level 2, Newton Building
The University of New South Wales


Email [email protected]
Telephone +61 2 9385 6233 - Office & VoiceMail
Facsimile +61 2 9385 6138

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