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PhD University of Melbourne (1985-89)

ARC Professorial Fellow
Professor of Physics University of Melbourne
Centre Node Manager Victoria
Program Manager Device Modelling

Lloyd completed his PhD in 1989 at the University of Melbourne in theoretical particle physics and was subsequently awarded a JSPS Fellowship at the KEK accelerator laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. After his postdoctoral period he returned to the School of Physics where he is now Professor and an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow. Lloyd's early work in mathematical physics, non-perturbative many body systems and lattice gauge theory was a natural starting point for his interest in quantum computing. In 2000 Lloyd joined the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology, and since creating and directing the Device Modelling and Algorithms Program in 2001 has been a major driving force and architect of the silicon quantum computer vision. This program now comprises 10 research students and 3 postdocs. He is an internationally known proponent of quantum technology in the wider context, as the selected publications show, having also worked on quantum communication systems as a Technical Director of the Quantum Communications Victoria initiative (2005-2008), and recently developing quantum applications for ultra-sensitive imaging techniques crossing over to the nano-bio realm.

Select Publications

  1. G. Lansbergen, R. Rahman, C. Wellard, I. woo, J. Caro, N. Collaert, S. Biesemans, G. Klimeck, L. Hollenberg, S. Rogge, Gate-induced quantum-confinement transition of a single dopant atom in a silicon FinFET, Nature Physics 4, 656 (2008).

  2. A. Greentree, C. Tahan, J. Cole and L. Hollenberg, Quantum phase transitions of light, Nature Physics 2 856 (2006).

  3. Seung H. Park, Rajib Rahman, Gerhard Klimeck, L. Hollenberg, Mapping donor electron wave function deformations at sub-Bohr orbit resolution, Physical Review Letters (2009).

  4. Tamarat et al, Stark shift control of single optical centers in diamond, Physical Review Letters 97, 083002 (2006).

  5. R. Rahman, C. Wellard, F. Bradbury, M. Prada, J. Cole, G. Klimeck, L. Hollenberg, Precision Quantum Control of Single Donor Spins in Silicon, Physical Review Letters 99, 036403 (2007).

  6. F. Hossain, M. Doherty, H. Wilson and L.C.L. Hollenberg – Ab-initio electronic and optical properties of the N-V-center in diamond,Physical Review Letters 101, 226403 (2008).

  7. A.D. Greentree, S. Schirmer, F. Green, L.C.L. Hollenberg, A. Hamilton  and R.G. Clark, Maximizing the Hilbert space for a finite number of distinguishable quantum states, Physical Review Letters92, 097901 (2004).

  8. S.E.S. Andresen et al., Charge state control and relaxation in an atomically doped silicon device, Nano Letters 7, 2000 (2007).

  9. V. Conrad, A.D. Greentree. and L.C.L. Hollenberg, Multiplexing single electron transistors for application in scalable solid-state quantum computing Applied Physics Letters 90, 043109 (2007).

  10. A.G. Fowler, S. Devitt and L.C.L. Hollenberg, Shor’s algorithm on linear nearest neighbour arrays, Quantum Information and Computation 4, 237 (2004).

  11. A.P. Flitney and L.C.L. Hollenberg, Multiplayer quantum Minority game with decoherence, Quantum  Information and Computation 7, 111 (2007).

  12. A.M. Stephens, A.G. Fowler and L.C.L. Hollenberg, Universal fault tolerant quantum computation on bilinear nearest neighbour arrays, Quantum Information and Computation 8, 330 (2008).

  13. A.M. Stephens, Z.W.E. Evans, S.J. Devitt, A.D. Greentree, A.G. Fowler, W.J. Munro, J. O'Brien, K. Nemoto and L.C.L. Hollenberg, A deterministic optical quantum computer using photonic modules, Physical Review A 78 032318   (2008).

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Centre for Quantum Computer Technology
School of Physics
University of Melbourne,
Victoria 3010,

Email [email protected]
Telephone +61 3 8344-4210
Facsimile +61 3 8344 4783

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